Project Overview

Caltrans and the City of Live Oak are alerting residents that major highway construction activity will occur on State Highway 99/ Live Oak Boulevard, starting on May 1.

Access for residents and businesses will be provided through the construction area. There will be highway access to all businesses in the construction area. Visit the Business Access Map to find access points or look for signs along the highway marking the temporary entrances.

To the right are post-construction artist rendering photos of what Live Oak will look like after construction is finished.

What Are We Doing

In order to improve the roadways, streetscapes and safety we are doing the following:

  • Upgrading the drainage systems
  • Rehabilitating the roadway to achieve a 40-year design life
  • Flattening the roadway cross slopes
  • Constructing new continuous sidewalks
  • Traffic signal improvements at three intersections of Highway 99 at Pennington Road, Elm Street and Kola Street
  • Creating a pedestrian focused downtown environment by enhancing parking and building access, wayfinding and signage, landscaping and facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians

The $36 million project is funded in part by a $10 million federal Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grant and $2.3 million from Senate Bill 1, the California Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

Project Schedule

Project Photos

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Project Map

Detour Route

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